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Public liability insurance

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Accidents do happen, and third party claims can be very costly.

Public liability insurance is the insurance of liability for accidental bodily injury or damage to the property of third parties, designed to cover businesses from the risk of being sued by a member of the public. Accidents do happen, and third party claims can be very costly, and so arranging appropriate public liability insurance is very important indeed. Professional indemnity public liability combines both public liability and professional indemnity, which extends the cover to include claims brought against the policyholder due to their professional negligence. Both stand-alone public liability and combined professional indemnity public liability are often a legal requirement, and we would be pleased to offer a quotation from our wide range of insurers.

Some of the benefits of having a public liability insurance include:

Protect your visitors

Ensures you comply with the law

Satisfy your suppliers

Save yourself from financial turmoil

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